What’s your SCREEN Time vs your PEOPLE Time?

Siddharth Anantharam
2 min readSep 20, 2019

Do you know how much time you spend on your phone every day & every week?⁣

For the longest time, I didn’t know that Apple had an inbuilt app called SCREEN TIME on its operating system that tracks your usage.⁣

⁣And Android phones have their own version called Digital Well Being.⁣

⁣Both apps give you an interesting overview of how much time you spend with your phones.⁣

⁣Including, how often you’ve picked it up and the longest stretch you’ve used it for without putting it down.⁣

⁣Once I discovered this and started tracking my usage, the numbers blew my mind!⁣

⁣This is my SCREEN TIME numbers for the last week;⁣

📶 Average Time Spent on my phone per Day ~ 3 Hours!⁣

📶 Out of which time spent on social media ~ 1 Hour!!⁣

📶 My average number of pickups per day ~ 85!!!⁣

⁣I was alarmed to know that out of the 16 waking hours available in a day, I was spending 1/3rd of it on my phone. ⁣

And mostly browsing without any real purpose on social media.⁣

⁣This got me wondering 🤔🤔⁣

⁣What if you similarly tracked PEOPLE TIME — the average time you spend in conversation with people? ⁣

⁣This is what my PEOPLE TIME numbers would like for the last week;⁣⁣

👥 Average Time Spent in conversation per Day ~ Less than 1 Hour!⁣

👥 Out of which most time spent would be on calls for work ~ 30 minutes!!⁣

👥 Average number of conversations I have per day ~ Less than 2!!!⁣

I don’t remember the last time I spent 3 hours in one day dedicated simply to having great conversations with people.⁣

⁣For me, SCREEN TIME has clearly taken over PEOPLE TIME. And my guess is for you too. This is the sad truth.⁣

⁣Is it really surprising then that in today’s hyperconnected world, you and I often feel lonely?⁣

⁣I’m determined to change this trend. For me and for you.⁣

And one of the best ways I know is to create spaces that bring people together.⁣

To have conversations, play games and immerse in wonderful experiences, together.

Life Circles in Goa, India

⁣Which is why I’m so passionate and excited about what we are creating at Life Circles.

Want to spend more PEOPLE Time?

Come join an intimate community of people who connect over meaningful conversations, games and unforgettable experiences to seek new perspectives about life.

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