2020 you taught me…

Siddharth Anantharam
2 min readJan 1, 2021


On the first day of every new year, I follow a tradition.

I sit down to reflect on what the year taught me — the lessons, the memories, and the wisdom hidden in these experiences.

For years, this was an exercise I kept private, until last year when I was inspired by my dear friend and educator Deepak Ramola to start sharing this publicly.

Here’s my 2019 list →

2020 was an emotional roller coaster right till the very end. As I flip through my journal, I realize the extent to which it challenged me.

And in doing so, it gave me the courage to discover not just what I wanted, but also what I really needed.

This is my attempt to capture 12 such reflections that I want to hold on to as we enter this new year and a new decade.

2020 you taught me that…

  1. Acknowledging that you’re feeling HELPLESS is an act of bravery. The journey of acceptance and letting go starts with this courageous act.
  2. It’s the space INSIDE your head that helps you create the space OUTSIDE. When you feel like you’re gasping for breath — declutter both spaces ruthlessly to find your center.
  3. DEATH is an amazing friend — it reminds you of what really, truly, deeply matters. The question is, will you let this inevitable friend guide you?
  4. Your FAMILY is the invisibility cloak that you were gifted to live a magical life. Wear your love for them on your sleeve.
  5. PATIENCE is the bridge that connects your bold vision with your consistent actions. Hop, skip but definitely don’t jump off this bridge.
  6. Who you are becoming is never directly correlated with what you have. What you are EARNING is never directly correlated with what you are LEARNING.
  7. When the road ahead feels unclear, put your HEART in the driver’s seat. And let your MIND follow along.
  8. Don’t let RESULTS overtake your DREAMS.
    Don’t let PROJECTS outgrow your PEOPLE.
  9. Unconditional LOVE manifests itself in different forms. Receive it with open arms and then share it freely and fully, without holding back.
  10. When you STAND OUT, you give someone else permission to FIT IN. Stand out more often, but don’t be afraid to fit in from time to time.
  11. Life is a cycle of SEASONS. Know which season you are in right now and accept it gracefully. Everything needs time and space to bloom.
  12. HOPE is the trump card you hold in the game of life. Hold on to it for as long as you can because it can make all the difference.

I wish each and every one of you a 2021 filled with joy, hope, new beginnings, surreal endings, deep breaths, crazy adventures, and moments that remain etched in your mind’s eye.

May the force be with you!




Siddharth Anantharam

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